Drobo 5dt no faster than Drobo mini

I upgraded from the Mini to the 5dt and there is no speed difference at all. I have 3 960GB SSD drives connected via thunderbolt 2 to a Mac Pro 2013. Black magtic speed test shows just 213 MB/s read and 280 MB/s write.

Tech support said those are the speeds I should be seeing as well. What is the point here of the 5dt??

I have a 2013 iMac with Thunderbolt 1. All my drives in my 5DT (received yesterday) are 5400RPM drives and I am seeing slightly higher speeds than yours. If I had invested in SSD drives as you had I would not be happy at all. When 5400 RPM drives perform as well or slightly better than all SSDs there would seem to be a problem there. Especially on a TB2 bus as opposed to my 1TB connection.

hi, just a quick thought that there may be some background processing taking place following on from the migration.
for example it might be optimising the data and maybe you could try the same test again after the unit has a bit of time to settle.

for fiksegts has the speed improved at all since then?

no speed increase, how can I tell if there is background processing going on? I added another SSD drive and it’s actually slower now, so maybe there is processing going on, but I can’t tell…

if you have just added another disk then there is definitely background activity because it will be recalculating parity and relaying out your data to use the additional disk in the optimum way.

there is no indication of this, the only way to tell when its done is when it gets faster.

given your setup i would expect it to take 24-48 hours

running at 250 MB/s write and 420 MB/s read now… still seems slow for 4 SSD over Thunderbolt 2…

thats pretty quick in my books… you just have to take a look at my sig to see what max speeds ive had so far with some drobos :slight_smile:

btw i remember the advice docchris gave me years ago when i first setup my gen1 and gen2 drobos… which was to only add a 3rd (and 4th) drives as i need them, as more parity kicks in with more drives, whereas starting out with 2 drives, just has 1 essentially mirror the other as far as i understood it.