Drobo 5D3 won't turn off or mount

I have 4 drobos…But am having issues with my 5D3. Only the green power light is on, nothing else on the side or the bottom telling you how much space you have (Blue lights) while I have five, 10 TB drives in the bays. It also makes a high pitched sound, more so than the others. The drobo dashboard cannot read it, neither my computer. The power toggle switch does not turn on or off the drobo, only by disconnecting the power switch are you able to turn it off. Any community Diagnostic? I’ve pulled all the hard drives out, slid them back in, rebooted and disconnect several times to no avail.

Will it boot if you “borrow” a power brick from another 5D3?

Does it show up in dashboard if you boot it without any drives?

If you have another 5D3, will that boot & show up using the disk pack from the faulting one?

The above sequence will give a clue if the problem is the PSU (Power brick), the unit itself, or something with the drives, where you go from there depends on the outcome of trying those things.

Will it be just as effective if I use the 5d for the test? I don’t have a other 5d3. The 5d is from 2014 I believe.

Judging by the migration chart a 5D won’t read disk packs from a 5D3, & while a 5D3 will read disk pack from a 5D, it would also convert them to a 5D3 pack & they wouldn’t go back.

In general it pays to be very careful to only try disk packs from a Drobo in the EXACT same model, unless it’s a permanent move, in which case you can often move a pack to a newer device, but having done so, you can’t move it back.

In short no you can’t for the disk pack.

The PSU (power brick) appears to be interchangeable, at least the Drobo Store lists the same one for multiple models including 5D & 5D3.