Drobo 5D3 won't connect via Thunderbolt (Windows 10)

Trying to connect my Drobo 5D3 via Thunderbolt to Windows 10. The Drobo is seen via the Thunderbolt software (see below)


But the Drobo dashboard (fully updated) never sees it:


I can see it when I plug it in via USB3, so I know that it works. But when I connect only via Thunderbolt 3 cable, it doesn’t seem to ‘mount’


This is true, we have no windows thunderbolt driver.

Sadly there is no TB support in Windows.

I imagine like myself you checked the website and it did not say there ISN’T TB support in Windows so bought the unit only to find it doesn’t work.
Recently they have made a minor tweak to the website which still makes it ambiguous (extended 5K monitor support via thunerbolt Mac only - or something like that).
They have also claimed to be working on Thunderbolt support in Windows but do not reply to people anymore about it.
Bad support all round I’m afraid.