Drobo 5D3 turning off due overheating

used drobo since 2010, various models. My drobo 5D3 which I have had since 2018 just shut down and this has never happened before. firmware is 4.2.3 on a late 2013 imac using mojave.
the drobo shut down, so rebooted and went into events which said “shutting down drobo to protect your data due to very high temperature”
Dont want to open case to see if fan working so any ideas would be welcome, and opening case seems to invalidate drobocare.

Look forward to hearing from you

If you still have DroboCare, I would suggest you open a ticket with Drobo support to diagnose what’s going on with your device.

Before opening a ticket, you could try to make sure that your Drobo is in a well-ventilated area (i.e. not in a closed closet or something). You could also visually inspect the unit to see if the fan is working. The fan should be visible through the back grill. If the unit is shutting down due to temperature, the fan should be blowing full blast. On the rear of the unit, you’d see it spinning, you’d hear it, and you’d probably feel the warm air coming out of it. If you don’t, your fan is probably broken. Then, it’s time to open a ticket with support.