Drobo 5D3 Performance

Can anyone comment on the speed they are observing with a 5D3?

I have new WD Red drives in mine (6 + 6 + 6 + 8 + 8, all 5400 rpm), plus a 500GB Samsung SSD for cache. I am seeing < 70 MB/s for read and write, using Black Magic Speed test.

Is anyone getting better performance than that?

Thanks, in advance.

Drobo 5D (not 5D3, five10TB Seagate Ironwolf drives and a 180GB SSD in the hot data cache, dual redundancy enabled) Blackmagic disk speed test 2GB read/writes and a new 2018 Mini (3.2 GHz i7, 16GB RAM) using Thunderbolt as the connection:
235 MB/s write, 505 MB/s read

Note that nothing else was accessing the drobo at the time I ran the performance test.

Interesting. I am also connecting with Thunderbolt 3, using a new MacBook Air 2019, and nothing else is accessing the drive.

Can I ask what filesystem you are using on your Drobo? I am using APFS encrypted.

I’m using the macOS Extended Journaled filesystem.

Well, I created a TimeMachine volume on the 5D3 - unencrypted and writeable by myself.

Re-ran the same test w/ Blackmagicdesign Disk Speed Test using 5GB file size:

I will need to reformat and re-load my data. Glad to see that is the problem and not the Drobo itself.

So, I reset my Drobo and re-formatted as HFS+ w/o encryption. Performance as expected:

I guess APFS will be only for my SSDs and portable HDDs.

Glad to hear you figured that issue out.