Drobo 5D3 needs to be ejected before restart or I cannot access it

Every time I restart, with my Drobo plugged in, which is pretty common, Drobo icon shows up as an generic orange USB drive, not the usual Drobo drive thumbnail. I can access the drive, but I cannot write/copy anything on it. It even does not show on Drobo Dashboard.

For example, if my Mac and Drobo are running fine, but, for any reason I decide to re-start my mac, when the reboot is complete, Drobo will be on the scenario I described above. This is my fourth Drobo drive, my 1st and 2nd were Firewire, and this and my 3rd one are USB (This is a 5D3 and the other is a 3rd gen Drobo). And I observe the same behavior with both (they’re plugged to two differnt macs) .

To avoid this I have to remember to eject, and shutdown my Drobo, BEFORE re-starting. And then, remember to turn on my drobo again. It’s really annoying.

Is this supposed to be like this?


I’ve posted this on the support site couple weeks ago. And we’re trying to solve things out there. But with no luck so far. After some msgs exchanged the solution provided would require me to loose all my data (which I cannot). So, as this happens, since always, with my tow Units, I was hoping somebody else here could have already faced this vary issue.

Thanks again.

Have you regularly run Disk Utility (or even better, Disk Warrior) on the Drobo to optimise its directory?