Drobo 5D3 Has Gone Insane

I have been trying to copy data off of my 5D3 to an OWC 1U4. Suddenly, the Drobo disappeared and then began an endless loop of reboots. If I can get it to stay on for a couple of minutes it begins turning drive bays from the HD size to red and ‘empty.’ So far this has normally been bay 0 and 4, but has started spreading. Then it will see there is a drive there, report its size and start acting as if it is going to perform data recovery, then it crashes out again and reboots.

Open to suggestions (not ruling out throwing it out the window).

Check out the power supply, it’s prime suspect in boot loops.
Don’t rely on the green light on it telling you anything more than that it’s receiving power from the wall outlet.

Will do it as soon as I can dig out my multimeter from my moving boxes.

Shutdown/Power off the Drobo
With Drobo powered OFF, eject all drives
Power up Empty
Does Drobo still reboot?
Contact Support and let them know the results.

I have a support ticket open. To answer your questions, Drobo does reboot with no drives.
Support had me power up into Read-Only mode. The Drobo only functions for two to five minutes in this state and then reboots. I was able to move files off that I didn’t already have archived and backed up elsewhere a little at a time. I was also able to generate a diagnostic file and send it. I’m currently awaiting a response from tech support.

I did try factory resetting the Drobo and installed several brand new drives and reformated just to test. The Drobo still continues to enter a boot loop.

So a drive that Drobo identified as ‘Healed’ was part of the problem. Removing that drive and resetting the Drobo seems to have corrected the problem. Removing the drive alone still caused problems while the Drobo went into data protection mode and then would hang.

Fantastic work sir! this post should be pinned to the top of the forums.