Drobo 5D3 All yellow light, Disk not working, green light on power button blink, and can't connect

I update the latest firmware last week.I can use it normally this week. Today, my Drobo turned on and connected to my computer, which had a hard drive on its desktop, and it suddenly shut itself down and disconnected from the computer (which used to happen a lot in the past).

Then I turn the Drobo on again. No blue lights flash, all the yellow lights are always on, and I can’t see the disk on the computer or the Drobo on the Dashboard. Fans can be heard when the machine is off. When the machine is on, there is a slight fan sound, with all the yellow lights on. I can’t hear any hard drive sound when I turn it on. I found that the small green light on the power button blinked quickly, four times in a row, and paused for a few seconds when the power is off; And the green light on the power button is always on when the power is on. I noticed that other drobos don’t blink the green light on the power button when the it is off. The power brick always showing a solid green light whether it insert into the Drobo or not. I tried using the Drobo 5D power brick for the Drobo 5D3, but it didn’t help.

I tried rebooting the Drobo, unplugged it, and waited a few minutes to restart it, changed the interface but it didn’t work. I pulled out all the hard drives, but it was still all yellow, no blue light, solid green on power button, and dashboard couldn’t see the drobo.

I’m a photographer, and I have 560,000 important pictures in it… help! Please tell me what can I do!

Any update on this?
Do you have 2 Drobos? (5D and 5D3)?

This just happened to me. It said it needed to be restarted and ask me to disconnect the T3 connector and it would reboot. Except it never came back. Now it won’t fire up at all.