Drobo 5D won't power up, but fan rotate so fast

Hi. First - sorry, i am bad speak english.
What the problem? After power crash in my office, Drobo 5D won’t turn on. If i connect power supply and push the power button, nothing happens. Only fan rotate very fast. The green light (power) on the Drobo is not solid. What’s going on?

hi, it may be that your power supply (psu) has a problem,
and if yes, getting a new replacement psu could help fix things for you.

but, if it was a power crash and power spike, it may also have caused a bit of damage to the 5D.

i think some steps for you could be these:

  1. to contact support (if you are in support) to see if you can get a replacement psu (maybe a bit cheaper am not sure)
  2. to try getting another psu (this will be cheaper than buying a new drobo)
  3. there is also some more information that may help you about psu’s, here:

(also the part about seeing a red light, might show overheating?)

if your 5D is damaged as well though, and the diskpack drives are ok then there might be a way for you to use your diskpack in another compatible replacement model, (known as a diskpack migration procedure) for example as mentioned here:

(when one of my drobos had a hardware problem, i was able to successfully migrate my diskpack to another compatible replacement and access my data again)

Good thing Drobo has data redundancy (I’m very skeptical about their hardware reliability).

Thanks for answer!
I connect another power supply (from another Drobo 5D), and nothing changed.

thanks for the update, that seems to indicate that the psu is ok then,
if you get a chance how were the other options or suggestions mktsvchnk? (for example maybe raising a ticket with the support team could help to indicate if the diskpack drives are ok?)

also is there enough room around the drobo to allow air flow for ventilation?