Drobo 5D won't mount to MBP

Just got a brand new Drobo 5D in the mail today with all my drives and msata ssd.

The problem is that the Drobo Dashboard and disk utility show that the Drobo 5D is linked either with usb or thunderbolt (tested with multiple cables with each and different ports). The MBP for some reason cannot see the drobo mounted on the desktop.

I did check with disk utility regarding the HD in the MBP. did a verify disk permission and disk repair. still same issue Drobo 5D not mounted to desktop with either USB or Thunderbolt cables.

I get the same message “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.”

with 3 options to choose from below

  1. Initialize… (which does absolutely nothing)
  2. Ignore (which also does nothing)
  3. Eject

i can see it in disk utilities and in drobo dashboard. I can turn it off in the dashboard to eject properly its just not mounted on my desktop and without that i can’t start transferring and using this properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry I was looking for a similar thread and haven’t found one.

In Drobo Dashboard did you set up the max volume size and format the volume?


yes through Drobo Dashboard the max volume is setup and the drives are formatted.

like i mentioned in the original post I can see the the DROBO 5D is mounted in disk utility as well as mounted in drobo dashboard because i can see data volume, turn the drobo off through dashboard etc.

what i can’t see is the drobo mounted to my desktop to allow me to transfer data.

Hmm, not sure…
If Drobo was already set up and running, fsck can cause it to not appear until the check completes.

However, your Drobo is new, so that shouldn’t be it, and Drobo says you should only use Drobo Dashboard for format/initialize.

Definitely pull a diagnostic log and log a support case with Drobo. Maybe you just got a bung unit…