Drobo 5D won't format on macOS Mojave (MacBook Pro 2012)


I’ve used my Drobo 5D for Time Machine backups since 2014 (when purchased) with no issues. Due to the specifics of the Time Machine backup (lots of symlinks and custom permissions), it’s easier to reformat the Drobo instead of attempting to remove old backups by hand. That’s what I do on a regular basis when I run out of space on Drobo.

This time however reformatting attempt hangs forever. It says wait for 5 minutes before formatting is over and I’ve waiting 8 hours and nothing happened.

Disks have no bad sectors, though 2 of 5 had red “ultradma crc errors” indicator according to S.M.A.R.T. checks.

I’ve also tried removing 1 of the disks and that causes some kind of redundancy rebuild process (disk isn’t even formatted) and after finished doing reformat won’t do anything (still hangs).

Thank you.

Try doing a reset.
If that still won’t play, secure erase the disks individually & set up like a new Drobo.

Once it’s set up again, if you enable the backup volume in dashboard & use that for TM, then TimeMachine will do it’s own space management within the size you made that volume, deleting old backups as it goes & saving you the chore.

It turned out to be an outdated version of Drobo Dashboard and Drobo Firmware itself. I don’t know why, but I never got a notification that there is an update. Had to visit Start Drobo 5D - Drobo page to figure out that.

After installing both updates and resetting Drobo formatting took a couple of seconds. Likely it all started to break after I’ve installed another macOS Security Update.

Thank you.