Drobo 5D won’t appear on Drobo Desktop in my new iMac Pro with OS X Catalina

My old iMac was running the latest version of High Sierra but wouldn’t upgrade to Catalina. It had always been working great with the 5D split into two volumes. One for media storage and one for time machine back up. I just received my new iMac Pro and transferred everything. I made sure both computers were running the latest version of drobo dashboard and that the 5D had the latest firmware update as well.

Once everything was ready I changed the thunderbolt cable i used before to a new USB cable for the new one. The volumes appeared on the new computer‘s desktop just as they had on the old one but when I double click on the volume with the media, it appears empty. Same thing with the Time Machine volume. this also freezes the finder. I then went to the drobo dashboard app and it won’t recognize any drobo attached. Then the app had a message pop up saying that I needed to go into the system preferences and give DDEService64d full disk access which I then did. It still wouldn’t work so I tried quitting the app and even restarting the computer but nothing helped. Finder keeps freezing and won’t let the computer shut down normally while the 5D is connected to the computer.

Please help! These are my everyday files and I need access to them ASAP.

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Is DROBO Firmware updated?

Are you still able to reconnect your Drobo to your old iMac and regain access?

There seems to be a compatibility issue with Catalina and Drobo at the moment. Refer this thread:

Note the post from @jay.thomas

Those issues seem to be from about a year ago. How has it not been resolved? I had seen those but that one doesn’t sound like the same thing I have

yes it has