Drobo 5D will not turn on

operating OS 11 on a late 2013 Macbook pro. 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

I updated to OS 11 earlier this week. I had the Thunderbolt issue but fixed it by switching to the Drobo-supplied USB cable. Everything working fine for a couple days. Not excessively hot, lights indicated good health.

I unplugged the Drobo properly from my Laptop last night but left it running. This morning the Drobo is off and cold. I checked all the connections. I switched all connections. There is no response when I attempt to turn on the Drobo unit.
The power supply green light is on. It is steady when not plugged into Drobo. When plugged into the Drobo it flashes.

Is there a mechanical piece of the hardware that may have failed that I could replace?

I am not opposed to buying another Drobo. Its just that not all my files are backed up so I need to be able to access these files before updating hardware.

This indicates that the power supply has failed - seen this a few times. Replacements are available on Amazon.