Drobo 5D will not mount OS X / No Partition? / File System Corrupt :(


I am having trouble with my Drobo 5D ever since my hard drive on my Mac crashed and needed to be replaced.

There are 3 disks in the bay, each 1 TB - connected via USB 3.0

Drobo Dashboard sees the drobo and all the disks, shows a good reading and all my data seems to be there.

Disk Utility recognizes the Drobo device, but does not show any partitions.

I wish I knew that I should see a partition before downloading Diskwarrior, but I dowloaded this anyways and it doesn’t see a drive and it doesn’t see the external hardware either.

I was informed this is File System Corruption. The volume on dashboard shows HFS+.

What can I do next? Clearly I don’t think this is a drobo hardware problem, as everything seems to work fine on that from connected via USB or thunderbolt. I have no idea what to do to get diskwarrior to see the file directory so I can rebuild it.

Any help and troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Problem seems to have been resolved. Somehow the Partition Map was severely damaged. Marc from Diskwarrior support was able to access and manually repair the partition before using Diskwarrior to rebuild the file system. Seems like Diskwarrior is a godsend for Drobo problems. He said it seems that the Drobo created 2 separate file systems, one Mac and one Windows. No idea why. Hope this helps someone else in the future.

thanks for the info,
am glad it turned out ok for you in the end