Drobo 5D Volume Size

Hi There,

I recently bought a Drobo 5D. As 6 TB drives are supported i bough 4 6TB drives with a view to adding another at a later date if required.

Is it possible to make one volume of 32TB or do i have to make 2 volumes of 16TB? I am not getting the option to save a volume at 32TB only 16TB.

I have not formatted the drives yet. I am running the latest firmware Drobo-5D-Mini-firmware-3.1.1 and using drobo dashboard Drobo-Dashboard-2.6.3 and my OS is Mavericks 10.9.5

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Drobo will create 2x 16TB volumes… cannot change… :frowning:

REALLY!?! Ahhh thanks for that i have been pulling my hair out trying to work out why i couldn’t create a larger volume.

Thanks very much.

BTW i am still quite confused. I have added 24 TB of HD’s but capacity is still set at 16.27. Usage says Drives: 6TB + 6TB + 6TB + 6TB + 24 TB (21.83 Actual) i formatted the drive is 2 volumes and i am copying data to the first volume which is showing in the volumes and taking up space which is showing in the dashboard. So the 5D is supports 6TB drives but the dashboard doesn’t - what am i missing here?

I think you forgot to factor in single disk redundancy too! Drobo will by default set aside ONE single largest drive in the pack of drives for data protection. So you true usable space is actually 3x 6TB (or around 16.27TB)

It’s been mentioned in many other posts before.

There are two limits to keep in mind when thinking of Drobo.

Chassis limit: how many/how large can the physical chassis address.

Volume limit: How large can a single BeyondRAID volume be.

Drobo has answers for both of these questions in the KB.

Currently, BeyondRAID has a single volume limit of 16TB on any Drobo device.