Drobo 5D unmounting

My 2017 drobo 5D was working flawlessly until I had to replace the power adapter. Then I replaced it with one that kept turning disrupting the connection so I got another. After a got another power adapter that worked fine, the drobo developed a new issue where it automatically unmounts from the desk top and there is no way to reconnect it with out rebooting the drobo. Any solutions here that Im missing? Please help thanks!

Also check on your data cable - swap it over for a new, and between the ports.
If the issue still persists, tell us more about your setup, OS, and duration of connection before it dismounts.
(Reminder also to update your external backup of your important data)

Hey after getting a new power adapter and having various issues, now the drobo is having a solid red light in the upper rhs and a solid green light in the lhs lower corner. What does this mean and how do i get it working right please?

There is a thread dealing with this type of occurrence. Hope it is of some assistance:

About the only thing I can think of besides talking to Drobo support, even if you need to pay to be told the unit is busted, and before replacing the unit in this situation is if Dashboard actually sees the Drobo, try manually “updating” the firmware to whatever the current version available for download is, even if it’s the same version you already have, with luck if the issue is corrupt firmware, overwriting it fresh might fix it. If you’re unwilling or unable to contact support I doubt you’ll end up with the unit any more bricked than it already is…

I’d do it with the disk pack removed myself, then shut down and re-insert the pack with fingers crossed.

I got the same issue… I think it is a software related thing. Drobo may have cut down on people during pandemic and maybe they got issues with compatibility. I made another post with 4 questions that might help once I connect a new Drobo… trying to collect as much info as I can so when I get a replacement this doesn’t happen again.