Drobo 5D Thunderbolt / Ethernet adapter

With a 5D, I’d like to connect an ethernet cable by using the Apple Ethernet/Thunderbolt adapter to connect to the 5D. It would run from the Apple Time Capsule router (ethernet output going to the adapter plugged into the thunderbolt port in the Drobo). The desktop iMac is connected to the Time capsule by ethernet and other computers use the Time Capsule router.
Does anyone have any experience with this type of configuration? I’m not able to get the system to recognize the Drobo at all like this. It does connect easily using the USB port directly to the iMac (so I know the Drobo and drives are all working), but for various reasons that isn’t ideal.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

This won’t work. You don’t just “adapt” from Thunderbolt to Ethernet like this - those are two entirely different interfaces for two entirely different device classes. This adapter really is a Thunderbolt-based network interface. It requires system driver, OS support, etc. and will only work when connected to a host (computer), not a device (Drobo). Drobo wouldn’t have a clue how to “talk” to it. Drobo 5N is what you should have bought instead.