Drobo 5D shows up as two accessible drives

[u]Hi All,

My Drobo 5D is recognised by the computer as two separate volumes, basically a duplicate volume shows up (i’ve named it Drobo 2). I only have one physical drobo unit, can anyone explain this to me?

Drobo Settings Screen Shot

The duplicated drive screen shot and properties [/u]

would be great to get some help on this.

hi marceldq, at first glance i think this is ok.
What i think has happened, is what usually will happen when your drobo has a lot of usable space.

for example, in your screenshots, it looks as though your volumes are set up as 16TB max per volume.
with this in mind, and since your usable space is more than 16TB, the drobo has presented another, 2nd volume, to your computer.

but to be sure, can i check if you are seeing all the same contents on each volume?
One quick test you can try, is to copy 1 file to your 1st volume, and then to copy a different file to the 2nd volume (which you called “duplicate”)… im pretty sure that what goes into 1 volume, will not also appear at the other - but what happens if you try that test?

I dont think there is any problem here, though it would be good to use dashboard to see how much free space you have overall on the drobo, so that you do not try to overfill your drobo, (because even though each volume may look like it has 16TB available, you actually have less, as per what drobo dashboard shows you), but what does your test show?

did any popups appear in the past about setting up another volume?
for example there was another recent thread about 2nd volumes here too:
btw the 2nd volume (called duplicate), seems to show about 1.5TB used… are there any hidden files there too?
(i wont ask what “sizzle reel” is :slight_smile: