Drobo 5D reboot loop after firmware update to 3.1.1

last night I updated the firmware to 3.1.1 and since them my drobo goes into a reboot loop, I can see it on the dashboard for maybe a few seconds, everything shows as green but the drives dont fully mount on the Mac. Then it shutdown.

I called support but not in warranty and even though it was the firmware they wont let me talk to anyone, so out of ideas on what to do.

I have updated to firmware 3.2.0 as another post recommends.

The only other option I see is a reset, but not sure if I can reset without losing any data. the reset KB article says there is data loss with the drives, so what happens if I reset without the drives?

Your data should be fine if a pinhole reset is done without drives inserted.

It is only for the network models (Drobo FS/B800fs/5N) when a pinhole reset is done without drives, subsequent reboot with drives may trigger a reset on the disk pack.

Hearing from your description, it seems like your unit is in constant reboot with drives inserted. You likely have one or more failing drives…