DROBO 5D Randomly Powering Down


I have a Drobo 5 which was previously hooked up to a PC via a USB3.

I recently switched to Mac and after formatting, and reloading catalogs use a Thunderbolt Cable to attach.

The Thunderbolt cable goes from my MAC to a 2tb external Thunderbolt drive. Then an another Thunderbolt cable attaches from that drive to the Drobo5D.

Ever since attaching in this fashion, my Drobo will randomly power down. It will work fine up until that point going into sleep mode when the computer is put into “Sleep” or is powered off. Then restarting when the computer is powered up or awakes from sleep.

I can still access and use all data but am wondering if this might be due to the “Daisy Chaining” of the Drobo. I will switch the thunderbolt cable and attach directly to the DROBO and then daisy chain to my 2TB external and see what happens. If that does not prevent these random “Power Downs,” I will plug each device into it’s own Thunderbolt plug directly to the computer. I was just hoping to keep one available for a second monitor some day.

Has anyone else had any experience with your DROBO5’s shutting down randomly? Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated!

Thank You,


I couldn’t confirm but it is likely that Drobo would go into standby mode (power light changes to orange) when it doesn’t detect a data connection. This is likely due to the fact when your Mac goes into sleep mode.

Personally, I think it is better to have the Drobo unit connected at the start of the chain, then connect the 2 TB external Thunderbolt drive to it.

hi, im not sure how many thunderbolt connections your computer has, but if you have free slots, id suggest plugging a drobo directly to the computer with its own connection, and nothing else (where feasible)