Drobo 5D only powers up if I hold power button down for a Long Time

I have to hold down the power button on the back of the Drobo 5D for at least 3 minutes while the Drobo boots up. Sometimes even longer than three minutes. If I take my finger off the power button it shuts down. But if I wait long enough it has enough juice to run.
Power supply is green light. Anyone had this problem? Or thoughts on what it is?

Also, if I take the mSATA out of the bottom bay it will boot up. But if I don’t it will not boot up. Obviously a problem there and I asked support for a list of verified mSATAs. But still, even if the mSATA is out I still have to hold the power button in for more than a minute.
Thanks for your time.

I’m having the same issue, did you ever find out why this was happening or find a solution?

HI Jennifer,
When I use the Drobo without the mSATA card the Drobo mostly works. Though just a couple days ago I had to hold the power button in for minutes. It finally took and my Drobo dashboard said it had to rebuild. So there might be a connection with data errors, rebuilding, and the startup. Like, maybe, if it hasn’t finished its redundancy and if you shut down then when you turn on again you have to hold in the power button until it rebuilds? I honesty have no idea.

Drobo support was no help. I sourced an mSATA (which took forever to find) purchased it online then the company emailed me and said they don’t actually make that form factor anymore and none of what they have will fit in the Drobo 5D.

So, my Drobo still mostly works but I am looking at different options and will soon dump Drobo, do something else, and hopefully not find a reason to go back to them. I personally have not enjoyed my experience with the company. And the product is just ok in my opinion.

Wanna by a Drobo 5D? eBay shows some people trying to sell them for hundreds of dollars. This is such old tech now I can’t believe you could get that much for it.

Good Luck!