Drobo 5D not restarting after power failure

I have a Drobo 5D attached via Thunderbolt to a Mac. After a power failure, the Mac starts up fine but the Drobo stays asleep. How to I configure it to start up as well?

I have it connected to a smart power outlet which I can control but this does not power it up either.

I understand that you tried to start the Drobo 5D independent of the Mac, without success. Is your transformer still operational (blue LED indicator)?

No that’s not it at all. My Drobo 5D does not power up after a power failure. You have to press the power button. My older Drobo S units do not have this problem.

Obviously in a remote access situation this is not helpful.

The power brick is fine as far as I can tell.

How do I set my Drobo 5D so it powers up automatically after a power failure?

OK - that wasn’t as clear in you first posting :slight_smile:

As much as I am aware, there is not an automatic restart after a power surge for the 5D. I did a quick check of the Drobo User manual online for the 5D, which did not suggest that option exists either.

A possible work-around if you are using this setup remotely is to invest in a separate UPS to the Drobo (in fact it is recommended to do so in the Drobo User Guide), with an email alert from both the Drobo and the UPS (if it comes with that facility) to identify if the Drobo has experienced a power failure. Then, if your Mac restarts automatically after the power failure is restored and within the UPS power timeframe, you should be good to go. If however the power failure goes beyond the UPS power timeframe and it shuts-down, upon power being restored and assuming your Mac can link to the Drobo, there is a Restart option on the Drobo Dashboard under ‘Tools’. If not, then I guess someone will have to reach behind and flick the switch manually.

Explain how this restart function works? Screenshots please? I cannot find it.

Under Tools, the Restart is top right. This assumes that your Mac can connect to your Drobo though as you need to be able to select it. This snapshot is from Drobo Dashboard Version 3.5.0 (current).
[My 5D is ‘Poseidon’ with an after market mSATA SSD]

No, the device does not appear in Drobo Dashboard. It is however visible in System Information. As I said, it is asleep. How can I wake it or make sure it never goes to sleep?