Drobo 5D no longer sees any drives

My drobo just gave the the dreaded “Please add drives” error, and will not work or see any drives. I have over 20TB if data on the machine so I cannot lose any of it, and where in the heck does one “backup” that much data… oh yea, a Drobo!! LOL… :grin:

I know I have to now replace it, but they no longer make this model.

My question is, can I migrate from the 5D to a 5C and everything still work, or do I HAVE to find a 5D3?

I can’t afford $700 for a good few months, but the $350 for the 5C I can.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks

According to the Migration page, starting from a 5D you can move the pack to a 5D, 5D3, or 8D.

A 5C is no-go as a destination for that move, only the other direction 5C >>–> 5D/5D3

Used is an option if you can find one. You’ve also nothing to lose putting a couple of spare drives in & trying a pinhole reset. Worst case is it’s still broken.

One backs up that much data to another DAS/NAS made by Drobo or anyone else, or splits it over a couple of ~14TB external drives, or picks up a used/refurb tape drive. Or pays the bill to keep a copy on a service like Amazon Glacier (other cloud storage providers are available).

If one is wise, one budgets for backup space to begin with, & expands main & backup storage in tandem with each other. Really critical data one keeps another copy of offsite in addition.

That’s what I was afraid of, I can’t find anything on ebay that isn’t “for parts”, or over the cost of a new one, IF you can find a new one that is. I giess I’m just going to have to save back the money and hope I can find one when I have more than enough for it. :frowning:

Also, could it be that the power supply is weak? When I try to power it on, it power cycles 3 times before it finally starts up and I can hear/feel the drives starting. Goes through the standard start up, then it gives me the single red drive light.

Weak power supplies sometimes cause boot loops or non starting, if it starts normally & shows up in dashboard with no drives, you’re in with a fair chance replacing the PSU helps.

You’ve relatively little to lose by trying one, & a spare is useful to have around for testing purposes when you get odd behaviour, I’ve used a bench power supply in the past set to 12v as long as the device can support supplying enough current. With the right connectors even hooking it to a (sound & charged) car battery ought to do as a test for a short period.