Drobo 5D - new replacement drive not rebuilding

Just swapped a bad drive with a new one…normally there is a “degraded” rebuild that happens almost instantly with flashing orange lights during the process.

This time the new drive just shows up and the light turned green and all lights are green…can this happen sometimes or is something wrong…I’m used to a rebuild each time (3 times before)


hi, if you can wait some more, it may need some more time.
a couple of users recently also had some delays before rebuilding, (especially with dowgrading), for example here and via the last post of this link:

whenever i have upgraded a drive, i have had the rebuild process (for about 1 day per 1TB of data that i had)… can you remember when your bad drive failed, if any rebuild took place at that time?

@Paul - Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m not sure how long it was offline and “red” for replacement…it may have been a day or two. I arrived today in the morning and the light was red next to the drive and the DD showed as failed and to replace. I immediately pulled the existing 2TB failed WD drive and replaced with a new 2TB WD drive. In about 20 seconds the light to the right of the drive went green and that was it. For the other three that I did in the past, it started a “rebuild” and all of the lights start to flash “orange” until it is complete. I had some concerns that since it was a 2TB to 2TB swap maybe the 5D unit was confusing the drives but the serials are different in DD.

Thanks again for your reply

hi thanks for the info,
the other user’s drobo had since then started its rebuild… how are things going now with yours mgappleid?