Drobo 5D needs more storage


I have a 5D with five 4TB drives and Dual Disk Redundancy, but now, with 1.5TB free The Dashboard tells me to replace 1 drive to a bigger one?
1:st 1.5TB is a lot in my book.
2:nd Replacing one drive doesn’t do sh!t to the working space according to the capacity calculator.

What gives???

Sounds about right to me, I think they start asking for more space with 15% free (about 85% used). Be aware that with less than that the units tend to slow down performance a lot.

With 5 matching drives & dual redundancy enabled you’ll have to replace three drives with bigger capacity ones before you see any actual increase in useable space, with single redundancy you’d need to replace two.

That’s pretty much just a function of how raid (and Drobo’s beyond raid) work.

Yea, 15% sounds right now when I think about…
Yes I know about the drives… already made an order for 3 8TB…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wow, it took over 24 hours to replace 1 drive and I have two more to replace :slight_smile:

That’s not untypical either, it may speed up as you go with more storage to work with.