Drobo 5D Mounts Then Unmounts with 2 slow yellow blinks

This morning I got an alert that said my Drobo had been disconnected improperly. All the lights were off. I turned the power back on (I can’t remember if the button is an on/off switch or just a reset, but it is acting as a reset.) The drive came up and mounted with all green lights, then a minute later, it ejected itself and all the lights lit up solid yellow and blinked twice very slowly. Then all the lights turned off again.

Any suggestions for solving the problem please?

Check/change your power supply

The power dongle? It’s the one that came with it. It says 5d on the end.

The power transformer connection from the wall outlet.

I will check. thanks!

Is the power switch supposed to stick to on and stick to off? It just toggles up to on, but doesn’t click there. My 5D3 has a click to on.

It just toggles

I fixed this finally. It wasn’t the power dongle. I had to unplug the connection with the computer and then restart the drobo. It wouldn’t start up with the cable attached.

I take it back. It mounted and stayed mounted for an hour and then shut down again. I’m using a new power brick on it now. Any other suggestions? It seems that unplugging it from the wall for a couple of hours helps it start up. Is there a user replaceable battery somewhere?

I’m also hearing the power toggle switch in the back snap to off. Maybe taping it or clamping it in the on position?

First things first then - if you can mount it for an hour are you able to back up any critical data to an external drive?

I would not recommend taping the power toggle switch. If it is like my 5D it is a sprung toggle that you depress to start up and also depress to shut off - there is no ‘on’ or ‘off’ position. Please confirm - even send a photo?

It has 5 14tb drives in it. It would take a very long time to back up. It’s still in warranty and I’ve opened a support request. I have another 5D3 (maybe not with the same firmware) I can migrate if they tell me to. I’ve unplugged the drive right now to protect the data. Hopefully Drobo will get back to me soon.

I had same problem and solved it by re-seating SSD card in the underside of the machine. Hope this works.