Drobo 5D mounts but not in Dashboard

I have a Drobo 5D. When I use thunderbolt, it will mount in finder (Mac OS X Yosemite) but it won’t show up in Drobo Dashboard. If I try using USB, it won’t mount, it won’t show up in disk utility, and it won’t show up in drobo dashboard. Drobo dashboard is up to date. I have no idea what the drobo firmware is at cause I can’t see it in drobo dashboard. Suggestions?

Check if OSX Firewall is blocking incoming connection for the following


Firewall isn’t on

hi jason,
if you happen to have any spare cables (usb or fireware) or that you could borrow from a friend, could you try another cable or port, just in case an existing port or cable is having an intermittent fault?

another thing you could try, would be to essentially boot up an empty drobo to see if dashboard can find it, for example:

  • to power all down and to unplug all power and connection cables from drobo
  • to remove all drives (remembering the order)
  • to power up the empty drobo on its own
    (does it boot up and then go into standby mode?)

if so:

  • to them power up the computer
  • and once that is up and running, including dashboard
  • to then connect the usb cable to drobo
    (does the drobo wake up and then after say 5 minutes become recognised by dashboard)?

if so, (or even if not)

  • to then shut down the computer, and ideally wait for drobo to go back into standby mode
  • to also unplug the usb cable in this case, and then unplug the power cable
  • with power all OFF, to then put your drives back into where they were
  • and then to power up the unconnected drobo
    (does it boot up with blue led sequence and then go into stand by mode?)

if so:

  • to then power up the computer and dashboard as before,
  • and to try connecting the usb cable again
    (does dashboard and computer now find the drobo?)

by the way, just to make sure, can i check which version of dashboard you are using?

Wondering how this worked out for you. Were you able to get it back up and running?