Drobo 5D issue

I received a warning on my Drobo over the weekend. I went out directly and purchased a new hard drive and put it in the unit. The unit did not recognize a new drive was put into the slot. I ejected it and put it in back in a few times with no success.

I crossed my fingers and shut down my mac pro as well as the Drobo. I inserted the drive while the unit was down and booted the Drobo. The Drobo did come up successfully and finally saw the new drive was inserted.

The unit started the replicate and it took more than 24 hours. Now, I wake up this morning and the new drive is still showing a warning. I am quite nervous about losing this unit as there is too much important data that I need on it.

Anyone have any ideas?

hi shorty, it’s possible that the new drive was not accepted by drobo, (maybe a fault on it in some way) and that by putting it in cold (off) and powering on, you may have force triggered a rebuild, but then it still did its checks and found errors.

if you can click on the drive slot in dashboard, does any other information get shown at all?
(also can you remember if the drive bay light changed to a particular colour when you first put it in while on, and what is is now?)