Drobo 5D drive fails

One of my drives failed in my 5D. I replaced it with a smaller drive. The drobo recognizes the drive but the light continues to be red. It periodically bounces into recovery mode and then returns to having four green drives and one red drive. It is using about 62% or 6.12tb of the 9.94tb. It should be able to rebalance with the smaller drive but continues to refuse to do so.

Can you confirm what the used capacity on the unit was before you replaced the drive? Usually when replacing drives, we recommend replacing the drive with a drive of similar size or larger. We do support replacing a drive with a smaller drive, although if the capacity is nearly full with the smaller drive, we will mark it red and advise to insert a larger drive to expand capacity.

Drobo Support

I replaced it with a smaller drive. They were all 3tb beforehand and I replaced the failed drive with a 2tb because I had lots of free space.

The drive was marked as healthy but also had a red light next to it. Currently I’ve got four 3tb drives in the machine and I’m only using 6.12tb of space so it should be completely safe even if another 3tb drive fails. I thought this would allow me to insert a 2tb drive to pick up some slack.

Just got in a 4tb drive and tried to replaced the 2tb drive but it told me that the drive failed immediately.

I’ve got four green and one red. It keeps telling me that the Health is critical but it seems to have more than enough space.

I’m still having the drobo bounce between all green with one red and data protection. It is very annoying.

Wow I got this drive replaced and a week later another drive fails. The weird thing is that the drobo didn’t start doing this weird reboot and fail. I am happy that it isn’t doing this but to be honest I don’t trust that it has been fixed after this.

hi, it might be worth generating a diagnostic file and sending to support for further indepth analysis,

Definitely, I just got a new drive and my Drobo won’t even recognize that there is a drive in that bay. Just trying to get all the weird errors in one fun month of trouble!

how did it go kian,
did the diagnostics log find out any answers with the devs?