Drobo 5D died on me recently, need help


my Drobo 5D died on me recently, beeped very silent so I didn’t notice it at first, but when I did every light was blinking read and then when I rushed to the computer to look in the Drobo Dashboard, but before I could open the app it died and now I don’t know where to start fail-searching as I can’t start it again.

Please help.

Well, it has served me great during the years but still my first Drobo to die on me, I also have a 5N and a first gen still working.

Question: Will the drives from the 5D be read by the 5D3 or do I need to start over (in case I don’t get my 5D working again).

Lars Hernborg/Cekari

I’m sorry for your loss. Yes, the drives are compatible with the 5D3…

At least the data isn’t lost then and that’s great.