Drobo 5D dead can i move to FS

I have a Drobo 5D. When its plug to power the fan keeps spinning but there are no lights on the Drobo (i have green light on the power supply). My Drobo is out of warranty.
All my photos and videos from clients is on the disk at my 5D.
Can i move the disks from my 5D to a FS or other Drobo device - so i can get my data again and move it to something else or can i do anything else to get my data?
I’m from Denmark.

In principle yes, you can take your data array and insert it into another Drobo that accepts at least 5 HDDs, so that includes more current 5D3s and 8Ds etc. Turn off your Drobo before removing the HDDs though, and make sure you mark you HDDs in order and then insert them in the same order into a replacement Drobo that is turned off, before restarting.

If you can source that other Drobo to assist, perhaps see if you can try to resurrect your 5D by restarting without the HDDs?