Drobo 5D Big Sur support

Hello - the public Beta of Big Sur is now out for several days. Is there an update on a potential work arounds for Thunderbolt compatibility with Drobo 5D? I depend on accessibility on the stored data. So far, only Drobo refuses to work with Big Sur.

Thanks for any information or help.



My 5D was randomly showing up in the app but not on the desktop, I found an article about using the USB 3 port and it worked perfect. I shut down, powered off the 5D, connected the cable, powered back on the drive then the computer and voila! I had my Time Machine back! The 5D & my 2 network ones mount just fine every time. Have a good one!

Thank you very much for your post! I meanwhile figured out the same and use USB 3 for the time being.

Take care, Michael

While this workaround gets us to our files, it is not a fix, as USB3 is significantly slower that Thunderbolt 3 data transfer speeds. Looking forward to a permanent fix that will allow us to use the Thunderbolt ports again.

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I can’t agree more. The miraculous thing ist - with RC 1 the thunderbolt connection worked. Since RC 2 the Drobo is recognized but the filesystem on it not. The volumes just don’t mount. But - hope dies last (as we say in Germany).

BTW - USB3 works so far - but sometimes the Drobo unmounts itself and remounts immediately. It works afterwards but this is all very unstable, I guess.

Today, the version 3.5.2 is released - the links in the database are not updated, but the Dashboard App brings the new version. It runs with Thunderbolt with 11.1 Public Beta. So far so good. Hopefully, further updates of Big Sur don’t break it again.