Drobo 5D - All blue and yellow lights only

Drobo turns on, spins the fan and drives, and goes right to all blue lights and all yellow lights solidly on. Nothing changes from this for hours. Computer does not see the drive, restarting doesn’t solve this. Any ideas?

Before this issue, the drive was using ~1/2 of the available disk space and was running double disk redundancy, so is not a drive size issue.

Some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Turn off Drobo, remove all drives (while labeling the order they were in), insert a spare drive, see if it is recognized. If it is, you might have a failing drive that is messing up your whole array, or see below.

  • Try a different power supply. Drobos are notorious for still powering on with failing power supply units and causing strange issues like this one. It could work with less drives, but with more drives in it draws more power than the faulty power supply is capable of providing.



Thank you! Will try both.

Another symptom, let it sit without power over night, it was able to boot up in the morning fine, but shows bottom two drives as red-failed; but at least it will now mount and show me the data. Thinking it’s either hardware or power.