Drobo 5C ultra slow?

just got my drobo 5c.
Put in 5 brand new WD RED 3tb discs.
All discs are green. All have the same firmware.
Connected to windows10 64bit / Asus x99-a II mainboard / USB3.
Read/Write speeds 20-25 mb/s??

My previous setup using a Terramaster d5-300 in raid5 got over 120mb/s

I need to know if that’s what I#m stuck with now because I will return this unit asap if that’s the case since that is useless for me.

edit: lol so I reversed the USB-C end of the cable an now my speeds have doubled to 40-50mb/s. Still sucks but maybe if I put the whole device on its head I will finally get my 120mb/s?


holy moly

i just unplugged my monitors from the usb2.0 mainboard connectors and it is WORKING

seems like the plugged in usb2 monitors are killing the bandwidth for the drobo

now i need a way to get it all working together

hi, sometimes when a drobo is first used, it can take a little while to self optimise, but then it should be ok.
in your case, it is good that you were able to identify usb monitors for the slowdowns, and it sounds like the drobo is working again at a better speed for you (which is good), though am just thinking about the monitors…

can i check if there is any way that the monitors might be able to be plugged in via a different connection method, maybe via a dv1 cable or the usual svga (or hdmi/video connector) if your laptop has one?