Drobo 5C prevents Dell 3431 from booting

Since moving my Drobo 5C to a new Dell 3431 Workstation, this PC will not boot when attached to either USB-C or USB 3.0 ports. It does not make it past the Dell logo. Can’t get to the BIOS screen unless I disconnect the Drobo. Tried every possible BIOS setting and restarted 100 times with no luck. Wish I knew what was signaling the Dell to not boot.

Support said call Dell as they have not seen the issue.

Dell said call Drobo.

I’ve had that happen may times when connected locally. It has to do with the BIOS attempting to determine what device is connected. Simplest way around it, is don’t plug it in until the computer is started.

Yeah I have been doing this, but every time I restart like for Windows Updates or recovering from issues would mean I would have to unplug and re-plug the Drobo. This is such a hassle! When I connected this Drobo to an HP 705 Workstation, there were no issues. I may have to return the Dell and replace with an HP.