Drobo 5c not starting up


A couple of days ago I was working on my computer importing some photos from my digital camera card to my Lightroom library on my Drobo 5c. The power went out for a couple of seconds and then came back. All the equipment turned of, computer, Drobo, printer, etc. The UPS Backup battery got damaged. After restarting the computer, I tried to turn the Drobo back on. It would blink the lights and the fan for a second and then shut down again. It happened every time I hit the power button. I took all the drives out and tried it again with no success. The green light on the power supply is solid green. It doesn’t seem to be the problem. And since the Drobo reacts when I press the power switch, at least for a second, I think there is a problem with the electrical part inside the case. I’m not sure if the battery in the Drobo 5c has anything to do with it. The Drobo supports hasn’t been of any help. So far they just send me generic instructions to shut down the Drobo using the Dashboard and how to get a a diagnostic, but obviously they haven’t read the e-mails because I can’t get the Drobo to start up. Has anyone had the same issue or know if there is a fix without depending on the Drobo support for assistant? Thankfully I didn’t had any job pending that was time sensitive, and I had backup for the one I was doing. My Drobo is less than 3 years old.

Don’t rely in it, that green light is useful to see the brick is getting power from the wall outlet & not much else. It doesn’t tell you if the output from the unit is collapsing under load.
That’s actually quite a common problem for switchmode power supplies to develop.
It’s common enough on the units Drobo supply, and fools enough people into thinking a bad unit is good, I almost wish they didn’t fit the light.
Try a replacement PSU.

Thank you very much! I have a friend that has one. I’m gonna tested with his PSU to verify if mine is damage.

Update: I tested the Drobo with the power supply from another unit. The problem continue. My power supply worked well with the other unit, so that’s not the issue.
Drobo support hasn’t been of any help at all, other than sending me some generic instructions for an issue that wasn’t the one I’m confronting. Didn’t even gave me an option to send the Drobo for inspection and repair if possible. And their replies have been almost a week apart. They just close the case. I’m really disappointed with their service. As soon as I manage to get back my data, I’m moving to another platform. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this product to other people. Thanks God this hasn’t been a time critical issue and I had backup to the important data.

OK next things to try, will it boot with all the drives removed?
If yes, how about with a spare drive or two?

If it’ll boot with no drives or different drive(s), it’s time to look to see if one of your drives is faulty or trying to draw excessive power…

I’ve tried with and without drives. After the last response from Drobo I even disconnected the internal battery. It always do the same, the lights blink and the fan run for a second or two and then nothing…

Keep working with support.

All I have left is the pinhole reset (which wipes everything if it works)
Taking it to a computer shop that does board level repair (if you can find one who’re interested)
Or replacing the unit.

I guess trying the pinhole reset with the drives out ought to be harmless. Still support are talking to you, if slowly, I’d wait to see what they say at this point.

Any news on this thread? My 5D seems to be doing the same shutting down after a few secs. And it also shuts my computer off. I have a lot of important data on it and I’m kinda freaking out.

I’ve used Drobo’s for over 15 years, but this may be the end…

Hi, I ended up buying a used Drobo on eBay in order to recover my data. I’m currently considering other options for my backup, since the company wasn’t much help. I don’t understand why they can’t repair a product that is still available for purchase as new. Even if it wasn’t cover by the guarantee, they should be able to service it charging for the repair.

So the enclosure seems to have been the problem?

In my case it was. There is an electrical issue, it will light up or a few seconds and then shut down.

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Tech support said mine was a PMU (I think? Hard to understand them) issue and the enclosure isn’t usable. I could either pay to have it fixed or switched for a refurb unit or pay for a loaner to get my data off. I’m glad that it seems getting my data won’t be a problem. I think I may be done with Drobo though. They have already replaced this unit a year or two ago.

Like a lot of consumer electronics devices, especially where manufacture is outsourced to China, that would involve setting up a workshop, employing staff, training them (Would there be enough work to keep even one technician busy or would they be sitting on their thumbs being paid to eat doughnuts most of the time?), keeping spares inventory on hand, & administrative overheads. Given US or EU labour costs, I expect the labour cost to disassemble, test & reassemble with new parts. Given the usual repair would be replace the mainboard (it’d be an expensive technician & lots of time for component level repair), you’d almost certainly find that such a repair service ended up costing as much as or more than a new unit.

Do you insist the drives (maybe containing private or commercially sensitive data) are sent with the unit? How do you deal with it in the significant number of cases where it is a faulty drive & to cover costs you have an unhappy customer being charged to be told “There’s nothing wrong with it, now send your whole disk pack to a data recovery lab & pay even more”…

Which is easier to tell a customer? “We don’t provide that service.” or “Ok, it’ll cost $$ plus (international?) shipping for us to look then it’ll probably cost you more than a new unit, if it’s actually the unit” ?

My 5c will not power up either. I bought a M1 Mac mini to keep mine running. Now Drobo won’t even switch on. Looks like my data is gone and the whole system has been a waste. Thanks, Drobo company.

Following support instructions, I switched the power to a wall plug. It works!