Drobo 5C issues with Big Sur 11.1

My Drobo 5C is having an issue with Big Sur that wasn’t present in Catalina. I have two Drobo’s, one 5C the other a 5D3. My 5D3 is working fine after the release of the 3.5.2 Dashboard but now my 5C is having issues. I usually leave both of my Drobo’s powered on all the time - I never shut them down using the Dashboard. After booting my iMac Pro, the 5C appears on the desktop but the icons appear as the standard OS icons instead of Drobo icons and the Dashboard doesn’t recognize the 5C. After a few minutes the 5C ejects and then reappears on the desktop but now with the Drobo icon and the dashboard recognizes the 5C. All seems to be fine after that but if I leave the 5C powered on when I shut down the iMac Pro, the iMac Pro reboots with the warning that my computer wasn’t shut down correctly. If remember correctly, this was the same issue with the ThunderBolt Drobo’s when Catalina was first released. I’ve tried everything I can think of (reset NAV, PRAM, reinstalled Big Sur 11.1, clear cache, slot flush, etc.) to remedy this but to no avail.

Any suggestions?

I just upgraded to Big Sur 11.2 last night and have this same issue with my 5C. Anyone figure out a fix?