Drobo 5c doesn't show us as thunderbolt device

My Drobo 5c seems to be working fine but (1) speeds are slow USB2 level and (2) intermittently doesn’t talk to Drobo dashboard.

I looked under Thunderbolt section of the Mac OSx system report and found it was not showing in the Thunderbolt device treee (it does sow up in storage).

Could this be because its being recognized as a USB2/3 device rather than thunderbolt?

It is believed so. Drobo 5C is a USB 3 device

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Thanks. That clears it up. For some reason I thought it was Thunderbolt.

Actually, Thunderbolt comes in different versions: USB 3.0 and now USB 4.0 (backward compatibility). and is really a USB 3.0 Type C connected with a cool name. It is used on the Drobo 5C side and move MaAcs since 2017 have Thunderbolt. Sadly, Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 Type C can go 40 Gb/s, but the CDroco 5C is limited in 5 Gb/s.