Drobo 5C cable: Type-A to Type-C cable

From the product sheet, delivers with: 3.3 ft. (1 m) USB 3.0, Type-A to Type-C cable

Must be a typo?

Why would it be a typo?

If I buy an USB-C DAS for my USB-C equipped computer why do I want an USB-A to USB-C cable???

hi i could of course be mistaken, but i think cekari has a point…

for example, if we buy a drobo 5C, for use on a windows computer (which just has the basic usb ports), how would a usb c connector fit? :)[hr]
hang on a second… type C is the actual connection on the physical drobo c :slight_smile:

I doubt it’s a typo.

The cheaper 4-bay has been dropped from the line-up, and drobo has replaced it with the 5c, much cheaper than the 5D.

Most people still have USB2/3 gear, not USB-C, so they can get this drobo and connect out of the box. When they upgrade their computer, they can get a new cable and the drobo is ready, again.

At this point, far fewer people will need USB-C connectivity. Yes, they will have to get their own cable. drobo could provide two cables (wasteful, mostly) or offer an option at time of purchase (a bit of a hassle inventory-wise). Whether I agree or not, from their business standpoint, it makes the most sense. I remember a similar issue when USB printers first started shipping.

i still have a parallel port printer somewhere…
the only problem nowadays (at least from what i experienced) is that it has always been hard to move a perfectly good and working printer or scanner, from one protocol to another (or from same protocol, but from 1 computer operating system to another)…

especially scanners, they have been really hard to get proper drivers such as when moving from xp to windows 7 for example.