Drobo 4 Bay unmounted during data protection

I’ve had a Drobo 4 Bay USB/Firewire (DR04DD10) working perfectly fine for the past 5 years. I had a 1 TB, 2 TB and 2 x 3 TB in there. I decided to replace the 1 TB with a new 4 TB drive.

I made the swap and everything seemed to be working fine, it was going through the data protection process for the past two days. Finally when it was close to done, my computer restarted itself. I logged back in and the computer was lagging like crazy, when I tried to click on the drive to access the data and it suddenly unmounted.

The lights on the drobo are still flashing green and amber as though it is still going through the data protection process, but I do not hear any hard drive noises or the fan running.

I’m afraid to power it off, should I just wait a while? Any thoughts or advice?

hi eddib,
as far as i know, the drobo can still rebuild fine without any computer attached (though i have kept mine running while connected to the computer with dashboard to show me progress).

can you remember how much data you had on the drobo? (at a max guess, i think it could take about 6days to complete, so if at least that much time has not yet passed by, then i would try to leave it running for longer if you can (even if it is not connected to the computer).

btw what are the colours or status of all the lghts on the drobo and power?