Drobo 4-Bay multi-volume question

I have a Drobo 4-bay (2nd gen) that I had filled with four 3 tb NAS drives. I recently swapped them all out for 8tb drives which made the Drobo split into two volumes. The Dashboard still shows one screen for overall capacity. I’m trying to make sure I understand how data will be handled, though.

Do I essentially have two separate drives/volumes and once run reaches capacity I need to use the other or does the Drobo manage it all and I can just keep putting data on the one?

Separately, what would happen if I remove two of the 8tb drives out and put back in the 3tb drives to get it back to a single volume size? Will Drobo reject this as it would be diminishing capacity? I don’t want to risk losing data.

The Gen2 has a maximum volume size of 16 TB, so the creation of a second volume is normal. This is called thin-provisioning and it’s why your OS is showing two 16 TB volumes, but it is still just one pool of storage. The dashboard is showing ACTUAL capacity for all the Drobo volumes.

If you were to swap back in two 3TB drives, your total capacity would shrink to about 14 TB which would take away one volume, but as long as your data is less than that you will be fine.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the information and feedback. I’m going to revert back two of the slots to two 3tb drives. I bought a second Gen2 Drobo on eBay and I’ll put two 8tb and two 3tb drives in it, as well.

Tom, I switched back two of the drives to the 3tb and it has completed its process. However, there are still two volumes and it is reporting that volume 1 has used 6.94tb of data and volume 2 has used 1.52gb. When I double-click and go into the volume 2 drive that shows on the desktop, nothing is there, though. I assume it is just formatting info but is there a way to “remove” the volume?

Is there a way to make the Drobo go back to reflecting a single volume?

Hmmm. Not sure since I never tried taking a volume away.