Drobo 3rd Gen not discoverable after firmware update


Today I update the firmware of my 3rd gen and afterwards it’s not seen by any computer.
I restarted both the computer and the Drobo.
I tried connecting the Drobo to a different computer (nothing)
I uninstalled and reinstalled Drobo Dashboard.
I updated my computer (windows 10)
I bought a new USB A to B cable.
I turned off the Drobo and unplugged it, removed the drives and booted it back up. It powered on normally but it was unable to connect. Shows normal power light and one red drive light at the top.
Powered it off and put the drives back in, booted it up. It gave me all greens on the drives just like normal.
Checked the optionalfeatures.exe to make sure SMB 1 was enabled, it was.

Like I said earlier, all of this occurred after doing a firmware update, so I’m hoping 1: my Drobo isn’t toast and 2: I’m able to get the 11tb of data off of the drives.