drobo 3 hangs after firmware update

I have a Drobo Gen 3, which I just yesterday updated to the latest drobo firmware. Prior to the firmware update everything was fine; after the update it hangs anytime it reads or writes. So basically, it is unusable.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to revert to the previous firmware?

My computer is a mac, os x.

Thanks for any suggestions.

ah, can i check if the drobo drives seem to be making chattering / usage noises, even when you are not using the drobo (and no activity is showing on the activity light?)

if so, it may just be that the new firmware is optimising things internally, and that it may settle down and complete, possibly within 1 day per 1TB of data that you have.

No, it’s not making any noise (or any signal of activity happening). I’m going to try to borrow another laptop and see what happens. I read somewhere about possibly disabling mac spotlight so I’ll try that too.
Luckily I did a full backup before upgrading so it’s not a disaster but still would like a working drive eventually.

thanks for the info,
i think spotlight would cause the green activity light to be pretty much on, though please let us know how things go,

(cool its always good that you have a full backup - i did the same when i treated a drive upgrade as a mini project here - well it was my first time) :slight_smile:

This sounds fairly familiar, after the latest firmware update I rebooted my drobo gen 3 and it showed 4 red lights and reported that to many drives had been removed.
A firmware downgrade did not help.
I eventually reset the drobo and it showed 2 drives as failed. I removed these drives, checked them in my PC which found no errors, I reused 1 in the drobo which then initially showed it as good and a while later as healed.

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the drobo is not fit for purpose as the data is less secure on the drobo than the individual drives as there are numerous reports of minor problems on 1 or 2 drives leading to a total data loss on a drobo.

I only now use mine for data backups which I can afford to loose.