Drobo 2nd Gen, Red and Green blinking lights

My Drobo 2nd Gen have 3 drives in it 2tb, 1.5tb & 1Tb, for past one week it’s been blinking all 3 bays red and green. The Dashboard does not recognize my Drobo and it does not mount on My Computer. Please someone help me resolve this issue. I don’t know what happened and what I can do to fix this.
I have tried everything mentioned in the similar post, but dint help much.
Thank you.

Assuming you can source 2x small (spare) HDDs, you can try to ‘flush’ the Drobo, and then reinsert your array.
Advise if you want to proceed, and some further advice will follow.

Hello Twin Tiger, thanks for replying. I am sorry, i did not get what you are saying, what do you mean by flush the Drobo.
is there way to recover my data on the existing drives.

I don’t know whether your data can be retrieved, but if you have 2 spare HDDs we can try to reset/flush the Drobo and then hopefully it can then ‘see’ your data. Let me know if you have the HDDs and I send more details on the process.

Good morning Twin Tiger, yes i do have two 2tb drives, please send me the process details.

Assuming you have the latest Drobo Dashboard on your PC/Mac, you could try to activate it without any HDDs and see if you can first regain normal connectivity. But you will need some spare HDDs to then help reset (flush) it.

1 Shut down your Drobo completely (even remove the power cord)
2 Remove all your HDDs (note their order and the slots they came from - I would mark them)
3 Restart the empty Drobo to get it to mount on your PC/Mac so it becomes active (and update any firmware).
4 Insert the 2 spare HDDs whilst it is running
5 Let the Drobo format them (all green) and perform a factory reset as well.
6 Shutdown the Drobo (remove power again) and remove the 2 spare HDDs
7 Insert you original HDD array in the original order and slots
8 Power on and Restart.

Do NOT remove or insert your original HDDs whilst the Drobo is running or you will lose all data.
Hope this proves useful for your data recovery.
If it does, use your spare HDDs to make any external copy for further peace of mind.

Thank you for your quick response Mr Twin Tiger, i will try your instructions & update you with results.