Drobo 2nd Gen – low space, yellow light – tells me to replace highest capacity drive

Hello everybody,

I have a short question concerning my Drobo 2nd Gen: It is filled with four drives (from up to down): 4TB - 3TB - 3TB - 4TB. I am currently running low of protected space – however, the Drobo doesn’t turn one of the two lowest-capacity 3TB drives yellow to replace, but the 4TB drive in the first slot. How is that possible? The first drive isn’t damaged, I assume, as otherwise it should turn red or all the lights should blink (as my data wouldn’t be save anymore).

Does the Drobo have some internal check that the 4TB one will fail soon so that it suggest to replace THIS one instead of one of those two 3TB drives? Or why doesn’t it tell me to replace one of those lower-capacity drives instead?

Also, as I am already asking: I am thinking about buying a Drobo USB 3.0 – my old 2nd Gen Drobo was formatted quite recently so there shouldn’t be the firmware problem when migrating. (I want to put my four HDD into the new Drobo and continue exactly where I have left.) However your FAQs also state that the Drobo shouldn’t be filled more than 90%. Could this turn out as a serious problem when putting the drives from my old Drobo to the new one? Do I have to be afraid that my data will be deleted in the migration process?

Thanks in advance for your help from Germany!

You can replace a different drive, it doesn’t matter.

Wow, there’s no way your reply could have been any faster! Thanks so much!!!

You’ve replied so fast that you probably didn’t even have the chance to see my edit - I added an additional question. If you find the time and know the answer, it would be nice if you could drop me a short note about that, too. If not, no problem at all, of course. Thanks again, really appreciated!

You should just be able to shut down your old Drobo, power it off and remove the drives. Then put the drives into the new Drobo WITH THE POWER OFF. When you turn it on it should recognize that an existing Drobo disk pack has been inserted and start up with all your old data intact. You MUST put them in with the power off or the Drobo will reformat them. It doesn’t matter which slots in the new Drobo the disks go into, but I always put the old slot 1 drive in slot 1, etc. just to be on the safe side.

Thanks for the answer, Spiney – this is all I need to know. Thanks again!

hallo its pretty much as the guys mentioned and here is a migration page with other information and tables about going from certain drobos to other drobos which might help:

Hi Paul,

thanks for your reply and your link – really appreciated!