Drobo 2nd Gen - dead


I have a Drobo (Gen 2) which was, until yesterday, ticking along fine.

I plugged it in yesterday which resulted in a pop sound, lights went out and a slight smell of electrical burning… not looking good.

Unfortunately seems to be the whole unit, rather than just the power supply.

Anyone had any experience of this and what the best way for getting my data back is? I’ve seen about migrating the drives to another drobo - but wouldn’t be able to say with 100% certainty what version the firmware was on…

Any help appreciated.

hi stustanley,
if it was the main chassis/hardware and psu, then your diskpack may still be ok. What you could do is to try getting another compatible model and to migrate your diskpack via the migration process, for example as mentioned here:

when my drobo-s-gen2 stopped working (the power switch stopped working on mine, rather then burning etc) but i was able to successfully migrate my diskpack to another replacement model.

techically, in the case of an “upgrade” to a newer or better model, both drobos are available, though in my case if the old one wasnt working anymore i wasnt able to upgrade the firmware on the old one. (i think i knew version info as made notes back then and discussed with support) though what you could do if you get another drobo could be to raise a ticket with support once you have the new one, and there might be a way to find out what version your diskpack is using (possibly via a certain mode of operation) or if there are any actual known incomatibilities between certain firmwares and models.

the newer firmware version should always be able to cater for any previous version, and usually it does, (though i do remember seeing a limitation in the past, so if yours was on a very old version, or if you never updated it maybe worth double checking).