Drobo 2nd Gen connectivity with Retina iMac


I have had a 2nd gen Drobo for some years now which is currently connected to my 2011 iMac via Firewire. However, I am considering buying a Retina iMac which no longer comes with Firewire. So my question is regarding how best to connect my Drobo to the Retina iMac. Can I…

a. Use a Firewire to USB adapter and connect via USB3 - Presumably this would give speed equivalent to Firewire?? Is this even possible?

b. Use USB - I presume this will be at USB2 speed i.e. SLOW!!

Thanks for any guidance.

hi keith,
some peope may have good use cases for adapters but i have found a drobo gen2 with usb2 connected directly to a usb 2 socket works a treat and is likely to cause less problems.

im not sure for the 1st part, but for your question, if the drobo is suported on a retina imac, then id assume it would work fine via a direct usb connection.