Drobo 2nd Gen become slow suddenly.

Hi, I have a Drobo 2nd Gen that I use with Western Digital TV and with an IMac with Maverick OS.

I have had two issues:

1.First I had four Hard Disks (1.5, 2, 2, and 3Tb) and replace the 1.5 tb for one big 4Tb. But the Drobo didn’t rebuilding, instead of that one of the 2tb hard drives had a solid red light. Because the firmware of my Drobo was 1.4.1 I upgraded manually to the 1.4.2 and it fixed the problem, the Drobo become to rebuild for two days, I had 4,4 Tb on it in one volumen of 16 TB maximum.

  1. After the rebuilding I have followed uploading data into the Drobo without problem but when the Drobo had had a total of 4.6tb of data it become slow, absolutely slow, for example for load or write 27 gb it is taking 20 hours. And worse is that reading it is also slow, navigate in folders is frustrating and reading bit files is almost impossible.

So, if I erase some data, to reduce the data to approximately 4.5 tb the Drobo come back to a normal speed reading and writing.

It seems that the Drobo has reach a maximum of data and I am thinking in remove the 4 tb hard drive, replace for the old 1.5 tb one, leave the old data into the Drobo and manage the new or future data in other way.

I need advice because I don’t know what to do. Thanks

I forget to say that the Drobo is formatted in HFS+ file system, only one volumen of 16 TB of max capacity, actually 4,63 Tb used of 6,33 Tb total for data.

hi, it seems to be almost 75% full,
the drobo’s will get slower as they fill up, but i think the really really slowness comes in after 90% (i think 95%) to help prevent over filling.

One thing that a drobo will usually do, (after a relatively short time), is re-arrange any new or changed data that you put/modified recently. So what might be good to try, is to leave it overnight to settle down, and before you copy another batch of data to it, try and listen/feel it to see if the drives are working hard and “chattering”.

if not, then try to copy some more data, and it might just need a bit of time between each batch.

Also, it might be worth checking your mac settings as well, just in case Finder (or something similar) is trying to scan and index/catalogue all the new data, because if that takes place while you are trying to use the drobo for other stuff (like data access + writing etc), then it can cause slowdowns as well.

(similar examples - when i do some local backups, using syncback, + full antivirus scanning on read and write, it goes much slower than with it disabled… maybe some other programs you have are trying to hog access to the same files at the same time and slowing it down?)

I’m having the same problem as Bullfar. It’s VERY slow to copy files from different locations to the Drobo. I’ve tried directly connecting the Drobo to two different MacBook Pros. One with Firewire and one with USB. And it takes hours to copy a few gigabytes. And when trying to copy 17GB, Finder reported that it would take days to copy. There is less trouble reading files from the Drobo.

The Drobo seems to be sitting quietly so I don’t believe that it is moving files around. This behavior seemed to just come out of nowhere.

I have Spotlight indexing turned off for the Drobo.

Any other thoughts on what could cause this issue? Could the Drobo be in early failure condition?

Mine is a 4 slot 1st or 2nd generation (not sure).

Thanks for any help.

hi anthony if you only can see 1 computer connection via usb, then it is a Gen1
(gen 2 has 2 connection ports)

how much data do you have on the drobo in terms of free space and total space (as reported by dashboard)?
some more details will be useful but maybe you have filled it up quite a bit?