Drobo 2nd gen and Apple Time Capsule problem..

Hi All…

I have run into a problem with my Drobo and I am hoping someone out there got a solution or know more about it.

I have a 2ND generation Drobo normally attached via FW-800 to my iMac. This Drobo is just used for storing my iTunes and iPhoto library. I also have a Time Capsule where I do my Time Machine backup.

Recently we have gotten a new MBP and to make things easier I want my Drobo attached to the Time Capsule so I can use it for a shared library.

Since we already got a printer attached to the USB port I added a powered USB hub to the Time Capsule and the attached both the printer and the drobo via that hub.

Printing is still working as it should, but the Drobo seems a lot more unstable compared to how it worked before. Sometimes I can easy access the Drobo files, but other times I am met with a spinning beach ball, and eventually it seems that Finder.app is timing out with an error code I can’t remember. Finder.app will quit and there is no way I can launch it again. I have to make a hard reboot to get the system back on it’s feet.

All software and firmware are updated to latest version. Both computers are running the latest Snow Leopard release. I have tried to look trough the FAQ’s regarding TC and AE and settings have been adjusted accordingly.

Should my setup work or is this bound to be unstable? Would it be better to attach an extra Airport Extreme and use the Drobo on it’s native USB port or?

All info and tricks are very appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Thomas

Drobo doesn’t work well on hubs.

So directly attached to the Time Capsule or an extra Airport Extreme would work?
Or should I only expect reliable operation directly attached to the Mac?

Directly connected to Time Capsule or Airport Extreme is ok.

Cheers I will get a second one then.