Drobo 2nd Gen 4 Bay is showing 2 Drives/volumes



My Drobo had the following 4 drives - 2tb, 2tb, 1tb, 1tb - I replaced one of the 1tb with a 4TB
The Drobo Dashboard asked me to format that drive for use which I did - now on my computer desktop 2 Drobo icons/volumes/drives show up - One original and the other as 4TB
I would like to merge them as one so I can continue to use as one drive - please help


It shows two drives (volumes) because your new drive increased your Drobo’s capacity beyond the initial set volume size, so it created another volume. I believe the maximum volume size for the Gen2 is 16 TB, so in order to combine your volumes into one…

FIRST… You want to make a backup copy of all your files, verify the Drobo is on the latest firmware (version 1.4.2 for the Gen2) and perform a pin-hole “reset” of your Drobo while it’s powered on. THIS WILL RESET YOUR DROBO AND WIPE THE DRIVES!

After resetting, the dashboard (which should also be updated) should take you through setup and ask you to set a new volume size. I recommend the maximum 16 TB. After the volume is ready simply copy your files back in.